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radical.utils 0.47.1

Shared code and tools for various RADICAL Projects (

Package radical.utils

This Python package contains shared code and tools for various
[Radical Group]( projects. Sometimes we call it the
Radical Kitchen Sink.

The radical.utils package contains the following things:

* A [URL class]( (A SAGA-compliant url parser class)
* A [Plugin manager]( (A simple yet flexible plugin manager and loader)
* A [Config parser]( (Config file reader writeer parser)
* A [Logger]( (Support for color log output and tracing)
* An [Object cache]( (Well, an object cache)
* A [Type checking module]( (Type checking for python call signatures)
* A [Singleton metaclass]( (Implements the Sigleton pattern)
* A [Thread wrapper]( (A thin convenience wrapper around threading.Thread)
* A [Call tracer]( (Support for call tracing / debugging)
* A ['which' function]( to the 'which' command line tool)

The package should in general be compatible with Python 2.6.


This software is released under the
[MIT License](

Parts of the module (radical.utils.atfork) are licensed under the [Apache-v2.0


You can install the latest radical.utils directly from [PyPi](

pip install --upgrade radical.utils

You can also install the latest development version (which might be broken)
from GitHub directly:

pip install -e git://

If you want to use radical.utils in your own project, include it in your
`` file:

'install_requires': ['radical.utils']


You can generate the documentation yourself with [Sphinx](

pip install sphinx
make docs

The resulting documentation will be in `open docs/build/html/index.html`.

- For a list of bug fixes, see
- For a list of open issues and known problems, see

0.47.1 Release 2018-02-21

- introduce name spaces for the ID generator
- iterate on some of the debug methods

0.46.2 Release 2017-11-19

- backport of profile handle checks
- add tid arg to prof
- add support for legacy profiles
- clean profile handle check
- add shell callout helper
- function stack recognizes anaconda virtual envs
- reduce profile buffering
- fixes issue #120
- add comments on profil format
- fix #RA-52
- relax time limits on process / thread creation
- radical-stack-clone supports Conda Envs Now!! :)
- add -p to specify python executable to stack-clone
- add a `get_size()` debug method
- cooperative process termination
- make ID generator behave under docker
- move gettid to where it belongs
- add close() method to logger
- expand poller lock scope
- remove some debug prints
- support changes in RA
- improve runtime behavior of concurrency calculation

0.46.2 Release 2017-08-23

- hotfix for RP #1415

0.46.1 Release 2017-08-23

- hotfix for RP #1415

Version 0.46 release 2017-08-11

- Feature/managed process (#104)
- Feature/poll (#106)
- Fix/version strings (#107)
- Revert "Feature/managed process" (#102)
- add a managed process class
- add close() method to logger
- add some doc on raise_in_thread()
- apply ru.Process syntax/semantics to ru.Thread
- be friendly to MacOS
- clean out and comment on utils thread wrapper
- cleanup on ru Process class, tests
- fix logging, leave parent termination alone
- fix process termination test case
- fix raise_on messaging and eval; work on cancellation (#101)
- fix thread locality, logging
- fuck python
- get stack info and clone in sync
- improve error reporting on child processes
- iterate and complete documentation;
- iteration on reliable process management
- make a sanity check non-fatal
- make sure that thread local data are accessible
- move gettid to where it belongs
- proper handling of null logger
- remove potential filename collission in test suite
- rename ru.Thread to ru.Future (#95)
- remove some debug prints/logs, add assert
- simplify radical-stack, make programmatic
- support for cprofile in ru.Thread
- rename ru.Thread to ru.Future

Version 0.45 release 2017-02-28

- add radical-stack, radical-stack-clone tools
- setup fix
- silence a warning
- Silence empty profile warning

Version 0.44 release 2016-11-01

- remote debugging!
- SIGINT is nono in threads
- comment on exception types in raise_in_thread
- add range matching alg
- add condition watcher
- add some tracing methods
- add get_thread_name and get_thread_id
- add raise_in_thread
- add netifaces dep
- hardcode the netiface version until it is fixed upstream.
- allow to overwrite profiler name
- fix double releases
- convert atfork monkeypatch exception into warning
- make singleton fork-safe
- move get_hostip and get_hostname to ru
- move profiler from RP to RU
- move raise_on functionality from rpu to ru, to support random
error triggers for stress testing
- make raise_on thread save, get limits from env

Version 0.41.1 release 2016-06-02

- add fs barrier to debug helper
- add get_traceback
- clean up counter management
- fix a log handler
- fix path creation for logfile output
- Fix regression on query split.
- fix thread inspection problem
- include atfork in RU
- keep doc in sync with implementation
- log version info is now optional
- make sig checking conditional
- make sure log level is string before calling "upper()"
- fix split_module
- monkeypatch python's logging module

Version 0.40 release 2016-02-03

- add an algorithm to create balanced partitions of a space
- add ssl support to mongodb_connect
- allow fragment parsing in Url class
- allow reporter and debug log to coexist if log target is set.
- fix default for get in dict mixin
- fix type conversion for int, float configurables from env vars
- implement reset_id_counters

Version 0.38 release 2015-11-06

- support install on anaconda

Version 0.37 release 2015-10-15

- fix reporter log level
- several changes to reporter class
- align reporter, logger, and logreporter

Version 0.36 release 2015-10-08

- clean up logging (getLogger -> get_logger)
- log pid and tid on log creation
- fix type conversion on some config data types
- make uid generation independent if getpwuid
- fix log message for warning about log level
- add boolean test for url
- add SAGA_VERBOSE backport
- fix some more import shadowing
- fix layer violation: make logs look nice in RP, finally
- do not use signals in threads...
- rename and install version tool.
- fix the debug helper

Version 0.35 release 2015-08-27

- small bugfix release

Version 0.29 release 2015-07-13

- attempt to avoid sdist naming error during pypi installation
- add uuid support, avoid counter reset on reboot
- add two convenience methods which support range finding
- have multiple threads lease from same pool. Speed up LM test
- make sure that the pull is filled during lease manager testing
- make sure json is exported as encoded unicode
- make sure we write encoded strings for json
- add test for LeaseManager

Version 0.28 release 2015-04-16

- minimize an unlock/release race
- resilience against missing git in
- cleaner version string
- sync with recent changes in RP
- export range collapsing algorithm
- fix documentation
- fix reporting of type checks when multiple types are valid and optional; fix URL init sig
- fix url tests
- install sdist, export sdist location
- tool rename
- add version tool

Version 0.8 release 2015-02-24

- Preserve case for "hostnames" in GO URIs.
- Allow # in host part of Globus Online URIs.
- preserve trailing slashes on URL paths
- move sources into src/
- fix version strings. again.
- fix id counters to start from 0
- fix comment parsing fix in second json read

Version 0.7.11 release 2014-12-11

- fixed botched merge from devel

Version 0.7.10 release 2014-12-11

- fixed lease manager debug output

Version 0.7.9 release 2014-12-02

- fix to json comment parsing
- att flexible pylint util
- support append / overwrite mode for log targets
- add daemonize class
- fix leaking logs
- reduce lease manager logging noise
- log python version on startup
- add reporter class for nice demo output etc
- add namespace for object_cache, backward compatible
- fix bson/json/timestamp mangling
- json support for json writing

Version 0.7.8 release 2014-10-29

- implemented lease manager (manage finite set of resources with
finite lifetime over multiple threads)
- implemented DebugHelper class (prints stack traces for all threads
- implement decorator for class method timings
- cache configuration settings on logger creation, which
significantly speeds up logging over different log objects
- remove deepcopy from configuration management (improves
- add wildcard expanstion on dict_merge
- make pymongo and nose dependencies optional

Version 0.7.7 release 2014-08-27

- lease manager which handles resource leases (like, leases ssh connections to saga adaptors)
- fixes on deepcopy, logging and config handling

Version 0.7.5 release 2014-07-22

- Some small bug fixes.


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