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radio 0.0.11

Just listen to the radio.

radio is a python script to just listen to the radio [*].

[*]Requires mplayer, ffplayer (ffmpeg package) or cvlc (vlc package). Priority or alternative players yet to make customizable in future versions.


Run in terminal (with superuser privilegies):

$ pip install radio



Show some help:

$ radio -h
$ radio --help

List radios

List available radios:

$ radio -l          # List available radios
$ radio --list-all  # List radios and url

Play radios

Listen to the radio:

$ radio <radio_id>

where <radio_id> must be in the radio list as shown above.

Turn off the radio by pressing “q” (if using mplayer) or with Ctrl-<C> (if using ffplay or cvlc).

Add/update radios

Add/update radios (with superuser privileges):

$ radio --add <radio_id> <radio_name> <radio_url>

For example:

$ radio --add madre "Radio Madre AM 530"

Remove radios

Remove radios (with superuser privileges):

$ radio --remove <radio_id>

For example:

$ radio --remove mitre


Show version:

$ radio -v
$ radio --version

To do

  • support multiples lists
  • support searching / filtering lists (something like radio -s Rosario to search radios from Rosario)
  • customize player and priorities or autodetect (something like rifle in the ranger package)
  • what more?
  • help me at




radio is licensed under the do What The Fuck you want to Public License, WTFPL. See the LICENSE file.

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radio-0.0.11.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-01-20 4KB