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rainbowstream 0.0.10

A colorful terminal-based Twitter client. Streaming API supportd.

Latest Version: 1.3.7

Rainbow Stream

Terminal-based Twitter Client. Realtime tweetstream, compose, search , favorite … and much more fun directly from terminal.

This package is built on the top of Python Twitter Tool and Twitter API.





You will need Python 2.7+ and pip.

sudo pip install rainbowstream

or try with a virtualenv

sudo pip install virtualenv # skip if you already have virtualenv
virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate # use the brand new virtualenv.
pip install rainbowstream


The stream

Just type


and see your stream.

I shipped a feature which can display tweet’s images directly on terminal. You can try it with:

rainbow -iot # Or rainbow --image-on-term

In the first time you will be asked for authorization of Rainbow Stream app at Twitter. Just click the “Authorize access” button and paste PIN number to the terminal, the rainbow will start.

The interactive mode

While your personal stream is continued, you are also ready to tweet, search, reply, retweet… directly from console. Simply type “h” and hit the Enter key to see the help.

Input is in interactive mode. It means that you can use arrow key to move up and down history, tab-autocomplete or 2 tab to view available suggestion. Input history from previous run is available as well.

Here is full list of supported command:

Explore Commands

  • trend will show global trending topics. trend US will show trends in United States while trend JP Tokyo will show trends in Tokyo/Japan.
  • home will show your timeline. home 10 will print exactly 10 tweets.
  • mentions will show mentions timeline. mentions 7 will show 7 mention tweets.
  • whois @dtvd88 will show profile of @dtvd88.
  • view @mdo will show @mdo ’s timeline. view @dmo 9 will print exactly 9 tweets.
  • s #noah will search the word ‘noah’. Result will come back with highlight.

Tweet Commands

  • t the rainbow is god's promise to noah will tweet exactly ‘the rainbow is god’s promise to noah’.
  • rt 12 will retweet the tweet with [id=12]. You can see id of each tweet beside the time.
  • rep 12 Really will reply ‘Really’ to the tweet with [id=12].
  • fav 12 will favorite the tweet with [id=12].
  • ufav 12 will unfavorite tweet with [id=12].
  • del 12 will delete tweet with [id=12].
  • show image 12 will show the image in tweet with [id=12] in your OS’s image viewer.

Direct Messages Commands

  • inbox will show inbox messages. inbox 7 will show newest 7 messages.
  • sent will show sent messages. sent 7 will show newest 7 messages.
  • mes @dtvd88 hi will send a hi message to @dtvd88.
  • trash 5 will remove message with [message_id=5]

Friends and followers Commands

  • ls fl will list all your followers (people who are following you).
  • ls fr will list all your friends (people who you are following).
  • fl @dtvd88 will follow @dtvd88.
  • ufl @dtvd88 will unfollow @dtvd88.
  • mute @dtvd88 will mute @dtvd88.
  • unmute @dtvd88 will unmute @dtvd88.
  • muting will list muting users.
  • block @dtvd88 will block @dtvd88.
  • unblock @dtvd88 will unblock @dtvd88.
  • report @dtvd88 will report @dtvd88 as a spam account.

Screening Commands

  • h will show the help.
  • c will clear the screen.
  • q will quit.

Switching Stream Commands

  • switch public #AKB48 will switch current stream to public stream and track keyword AKB48

  • switch public #AKB48 -f will do exactly as above but will ask you to provide 2 list:

    Only nicks decide what nicks will be include only.

    Ignore nicksdecide what nicks will be exclude.

  • switch public #AKB48 -d will apply filter to ONLY_LIST and IGNORE_LIST. You can setup 2 list above at

  • switch mine will switch current stream to personal stream. -f and -d will work as well.

Smart shell

  • Put anything to terminal, the app will try to eval and display result as a python interactive shell.
    • 142857*2 or 101**3 like a calculator.
    • Even cal will show the calendar for current month.
    • Put order_rainbow('anything') or random_rainbow('wahahaha') will make more fun :)

For example see the screenshot above.

Bug and feature requests

Found a bug or a feature request ? Please create an issue or contact me at @dtvd88


I appreciate any help and support. Feel free to fork and create a pull request. You will be listed as contributor.


Rainbow Stream are released under an MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for details

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