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rainbowstream 0.6.2

A smart and nice Twitter client on terminal.

Latest Version: 1.3.7

Rainbow Stream

Terminal-based Twitter Client. Realtime tweetstream, compose, search , favorite … and much more fun directly from terminal.

This package is built on the top of Python Twitter Tool and Twitter API, can run on Python 2.7.x and 3.x .



The quick way

You will need Python and pip (2.7.x or 3.x).

sudo pip install rainbowstream
# Python 3 users: sudo pip3 install rainbowstream


If you use Linux, you might need to install the python-dev package if you haven’t already. For debian-based distros, these can be installed with

sudo apt-get install python-dev

Besides, Mac OSX Maverick with Xcode 5.1 has a well-known clang unknown argument problem with the Pillow package installation - a dependency of this app. If you are in this case, I recommend take a look at Issue #10 and let me know if the workaround doesn’t work for you.


The stream

Just type


and see your stream.

I shipped a feature which can display tweet’s images directly on terminal. You can try it with:

rainbowstream -iot # Or rainbowstream --image-on-term

You also can change the config key IMAGE_ON_TERM to True inside the app to enable above feature (see config management section).

In the first time you will be asked for authorization of Rainbow Stream app at Twitter. Just click the “Authorize access” button and paste PIN number to the terminal, the rainbow will start.

The interactive mode

While your personal stream is continued, you are also ready to tweet, search, reply, retweet… directly from console. Simply type “h” and hit the Enter key to see the help.

Input is in interactive mode. It means that you can use arrow key to move up and down history, tab-autocomplete or 2 tab to view available suggestion. Input history from previous run is available as well.

Available commands are listed in Read The Docs.

Theme customization

Rainbow Stream is shipped with some default themes. You can either change theme by theme command or create your favorite one.

Theme’s screenshot:

  • Monokai
  • Solarized
  • Tomorrow Night
  • Larapaste

For detaile information, see theme usage and customization.

Bug and feature requests

Found a bug or a feature request ? Please create an issue or contact me at @dtvd88


If you want to build a runnable version yourself, follow these simple steps

  • Create your own Twitter Application

  • Get your Twitter application’s API key and secret

  • Fork this repo and clone in your system.

  • Create a file in rainbowstream folder with following content

    # Consumer information
    CONSUMER_KEY = 'APIKey' # Your Twitter application's API key
    CONSUMER_SECRET = 'APISecret' # Your Twitter application's API secret
  • Use pip to install in local

    # cd to directory which contains (cloned directory)
    virtualenv venv # Python3 users: use -p to specify python3
    source venv/bin/activate
    pip install -e .
    which rainbowstream # /this-directory/venv/bin/rainbowstream
    pip list | grep rainbowstream # rainbowstream (0.x.x, /this-directory)
    # Remove ~/.rainbow_oauth if exists
    rainbowstream # local version of rainbowstream


I appreciate any help and support. Feel free to fork and create a pull request. You will be listed as contributor.


Rainbow Stream are released under an MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for details

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