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raptus.article.collections 1.0a2

Provides components rendering the results of contained collections


Provides basic collection components.

The following features for raptus.article are provided by this package:


  • Collections (Collections including their results contained in the article)
  • Collections left (Collections including their results contained in the article on the left side)
  • Collections right (Collections including their results contained in the article on the right side)
  • Collections columns (Collections including their results contained in the article arranged in columns)


  • raptus.article.core


Note if you install raptus.article.default you can skip this installation steps.

To install raptus.article.collections into your Plone instance, locate the file buildout.cfg in the root of your Plone instance directory on the file system, and open it in a text editor.

Add the actual raptus.article.collections add-on to the “eggs” section of buildout.cfg. Look for the section that looks like this:

eggs =

This section might have additional lines if you have other add-ons already installed. Just add the raptus.article.collections on a separate line, like this:

eggs =

Note that you have to run buildout like this:

$ bin/buildout

Then go to the “Add-ons” control panel in Plone as an administrator, and install or reinstall the “raptus.article.default” product.

Note that if you do not use the raptus.article.default package you have to include the zcml of raptus.article.collections either by adding it to the zcml list in your buildout or by including it in another package’s configure.zcml.



Navigate to the “Components” tab of your article and select one of the collections components and press “save and view”. Note that at least one collections having at least one result has to be contained in the article in which this component is active.


1.0a2 (2014-07-22)

  • Add the brain to the result list for collections to allow integrators customizing via z3c.jbot to access additional attributes or brain.getObject() [fRiSi]

1.0a1 (2012-03-21)

  • Initial release
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