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rattail.pyramid 0.3a15

Rattail Pyramid Framework

Latest Version: 0.3.1

Rattail is a retail software framework based on edbob, and released under the GNU Affero General Public License.

This package contains Pyramid views, etc., for managing a Rattail system.

Please see Rattail's home page for more information.


  • [bug] Fixed batch grid and CRUD views so that the execution time shows a pretty (and local) display instead of 24-hour UTC time.


  • [feature] Added some more CRUD. Mostly this was for departments, subdepartments, brands and products. This was rather ad-hoc and still is probably far from complete.
  • [general] Changed main batch route.
  • [bug] Fixed label profile templates so they properly handle a missing or invalid printer spec.


  • [bug] Fixed bug which prevented UPC search from working on products screen.


  • [general] Fixed namespace packages, per setuptools documentation.
  • [feature] Added support for LabelProfile.visible. This field may now be edited, and it is honored when displaying the list of available profiles to be used for printing from the products page.
  • [bug] Fixed bug where non-numeric data entered in the UPC search field on the products page was raising an error.


  • [bug] Fixed product label printing to handle any uncaught exception, and report the error message to the end user.


  • [general] Updated category views and templates. These were sorely out of date.


  • Add brands autocomplete view.
  • Add departments autocomplete view.
  • Add ID filter to vendors grid.


  • Tweak batch progress indicators.
  • Add "Executed" column, filter to batch grid.


  • Add ability to restrict batch providers via config.


  • Add Vendor CRUD.
  • Add Brand views.


  • Added support for GPC data type.
  • Added eager import of rattail.sil in before_render hook.
  • Removed rattail.pyramid.util module.
  • Added initial batch support: views, templates, creation from Product grid.
  • Added support for rattail.LabelProfile class.
  • Improved Product grid to include filter/sort on Vendor.
  • Cleaned up dependencies.
  • Added rattail.pyramid.includeme().
  • Added CustomerGroup CRUD view (read only).
  • Added hot links to Customer CRUD view.
  • Added Store index, CRUD views.
  • Updated rattail.pyramid.views.includeme().
  • Added email_preference to Customer CRUD.


  • Update grid and CRUD views per changes in edbob.


  • Add price field renderers.
  • Add/tweak lots of views for database models.
  • Add label printing to product list view.
  • Add (some of) Product CRUD.


  • Refactor category views.


  • Initial port to Rattail v0.3.
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rattail.pyramid-0.3a15.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-02-06 35KB
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