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rattail 0.3a19

Retail Software Framework

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 0.9.1

Rattail is a retail software framework based on edbob, and released under the GNU Affero General Public License.

This is the core rattail package.

Please see Rattail’s home page for more information.


Install the software with:

$ pip install rattail


Built-in help can be seen with:

$ rattail help


  • [bug] Fixed “price toggle” bug in database sync. It was noticed that whenever a product’s regular price did not change, yet the product instance itself did have a change, the regular price association was being removed in one sync, then reestablished in the next sync (then removed, etc.). The sync operation now ensures the relationship is removed only when it really should be, and that it remains intact when that is appropriate.


  • [bug] Added special delete logic to the database sync. Currently, only the Department and Subdepartment classes are affected. When deletions of these classes are to be synced between databases, some effort is made to ensure that associations with any dependent objects (e.g. Product) are removed before the primary instance (e.g. Department) is deleted.


  • [bug] Added ‘delete, delete-orphan’ to cascade on Product.costs relationship. This was causing an error when syncing databases.


  • [bug] Added ‘delete, delete-orphan’ to cascade on Product.prices relationship. This was causing an error when syncing databases.


  • [bug] Fixed database sync logic to ensure Product changes are processed before ProductPrice changes. Since the underlying tables are mutually dependent, the dependency_sort() call can’t quite take care of it. Now a lexical sort is applied to the class names before the dependency sort happens. This is somewhat of a hack, merely taking advantage of the fact that “Product” comes before “ProductPrice” when lexically sorted. If other mutually-dependent tables come about in the future, this approach may need to be revised if their class names don’t jive.


  • [bug] Fixed database synchonization logic to properly handle merging Product instances between database sessions. Since Product is so interdependent on ProductPrice, a pretty custom merge hack is required.


  • [bugfix] Fixed rattail.db.record_changes() so that it also ignores UserRole instance changes if configuration dictates that Role changes are to be ignored.


  • [bugfix] Fixed foreign key uuid handling in rattail.db.record_changes(). Some tables are meant to be used solely as providers of “association proxy” fields, the uuid column is not only a primary key, but also a foreign key to the “primary” entity table. In such cases, the uuid value was not present at session flush time, so a new one was being generated. Unfortunately this meant that the Change record would point to a nonexistent entity record, so the sync would not work. Now uuid fields are inspected to determine if a foreign key is present, in which case the relationship is traversed and the true uuid value is used.
  • [feature] Added “extra classes” configuration for the load-host-data command. This is necessary when initially populating a “store” (er, “non-host”) database instance if custom schema extensions are in use (and need to be synchronized with the host).


  • Add R49 SIL column.
  • Add rattail.pricing module.


  • Ignore batch data when recording changes.


  • Bump edbob dependency.


  • Tweak database sync.
  • Tweak batch processing.


  • Add Vendor.special_discount.


  • Bump edbob dependency.


  • Added Store and related models.
  • Added Customer.email_preference field.
  • Added load-host-data command.
  • Added database changes/synchronization framework.
  • Fixed batch table create/drop.


  • Added Product.cost, Product.vendor.
  • Added basic one-up label printing support.
  • Added initial batch support, with PrintLabels provider.
  • Added GPC data type.
  • Changed internal name of file monitor Windows service.
  • Added progress support for label printing.
  • Label profiles moved from config to database model.
  • Removed rattail.db.init_database() function.
  • Moved some enum values from db extension to core (rattail.enum module).
  • Improved SIL support: moved rattail.sil to subpackage, added Writer class etc.
  • Fixed file monitor in Linux.
  • Added delete-orphan to Vendor.contacts relationship cascade.


  • Update file monitor per changes in edbob.


  • Move database extension to subdir (rattail.db.extension).
  • Make database extension require auth extension.
  • Fix rattail.db.init().
  • Add lots of classes to database extension model.
  • Add rattail.labels module.
  • Add rattail.db.cache module.
  • Add SIL output functions.
  • Remove some batch code (for now?).


  • Added Windows file monitor service.


  • Refactored to rely on edbob. (Most of Rattail’s “guts” now live there instead.)
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