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rattail_livnat 0.3.6

Software Interfaces for Living Naturally

Latest Version: 0.3.12

Rattail is a retail software framework based on edbob, and released under the GNU Affero General Public License.

This package contains software interfaces for Living Naturally.

Please see Rattail’s home page for more information.


  • Refactor rattail.sw.livnat -> rattail_livnat.


  • Delete zero-byte Scan Genius order files during collection.


  • Improve SG order parser to handle multi-line “Memo” header fields.

    The parser previously assumed the header was always exactly 2 lines long; now this is calculated more intelligently to allow for embedded line breaks within the Memo field.


  • Add UnicodeDictReader to handle non-ASCII data from order CSV files.


  • Add new Scan Genius order parsing logic, to reflect recent CSV format changes.


  • Replaced some references to edbob.Object.


  • Removed setup.cfg file.

    The tag_build setting was not doing us any favors.

  • Fixed order parsing to support non-ASCII characters.

    This assumes the order CSV file uses Latin-1 encoding; hopefully that is all we really need to support.


  • [bug] Fixed namespace package declaration.
  • [bug] Added hack to check for missing “stock” count fields when parsing detail lines of order files exported from Scan Genius. Note that this is still pretty fragile…
  • [general] Added initial Fabric script.


  • Add GPC support.


  • Add suppliers module.
  • Move sg module to scangenius.


  • Initial port to Rattail v0.3.
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rattail_livnat-0.3.6.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-04-29 19KB