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reactjo 2.4.0

Extensible scaffolding engine.


For the most up-to-date docs, please see

Most of the code is in the extensions’ repos, which you can find here - Frontend Extension - Backend Extension - Extension Template

You are looking at the repo of the command line tool which sets up the rc directory, downloads extensions, and passes commands to them.


A command line scaffolding tool for web applications.

Within minutes, it gives you a microservice architecture with: - Node.js frontend app - React (via Next.js) - Sass, material-ui, and bootstrap - List/details page for users and models - Create, Update, and Delete options for users and models (assuming permissions pass) ———— - Django backend app - Optional user authentication - Model scaffolding - RESTful API - Customizable permissions


  • Install an extension or change any of the default ones.
  • New extensions can be generated with a single command reactjo extend
  • Deploying an extension is as easy as pushing it to a github repo.


You don’t need reactjo in production, it can be uninstalled after it’s done building. Or just .gitignore the reactjorc directory which holds all the extensions and their bulk.

Interactive, intelligent

This is not a boilerplate repo, that just gives you a starting point and leaves you hanging.

Reactjo takes you through a series of questions to determine what you need, and even gives you the available options so you don’t need to need to endlessly ask docs “what was that mandatory field I need to pass in…”

After you generate the project, Reactjo can continue to be used to scaffold more pieces of the project in the future.



Open up your command line

> mkdir my_project            # Create a directory.
> cd my_project               # Enter directory.
> python3 -m venv env         # Or python -m venv env (windows).
> source env/bin/activate     # Or just env/Scripts/activate (windows).
> pip install reactjo         # Finally, we install Reactjo.

5 minute Django + React project.

“`bash > reactjo rc # Creates reactjorc/, downloads default extensions. Name your project > my_project

reactjo new # It asks some questions and starts building.

Optionally, scaffold a model

reactjo content # Asks a lot of questions and st
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