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reahl 2.1.2

The Reahl web framework.

Latest Version: 3.2.0

Reahl is a web application framework for Python programmers.

With Reahl, programming is done purely in Python, using concepts familiar from GUI programming—like reusable Widgets and Events. There’s no need for a programmer to know several different languages (HTML, JavaScript, template languages, etc) or to keep up with the tricks of these trades. The abstractions presented by Reahl relieve the programmer from the burden of dealing with the annoying problems of the web: security, accessibility, progressive enhancement (or graceful degradation) and browser quirks.

Reahl consists of many different eggs that are not all needed all of the time. This package does not contain much itself, but is an entry point for installing a set of Reahl eggs:

Install Reahl by installing with extras, eg: easy_install “reahl[elixir,sqlite,dev,doc]” to install everything needed to run Reahl on sqlite, the dev tools and documentation.

See for installation instructions.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
reahl-2.1.2.tar.gz (md5, pgp) Source 2014-12-11 21KB