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redis-collections 0.3.2

Set of basic Python collections backed by Redis.

Set of basic Python collections backed by Redis.


pip install redis-collections


Redis Collections are a simple, pythonic way how to access Redis structures:

>>> from redis_collections import Dict
>>> d = Dict()
>>> d['answer'] = 42
>>> d
<redis_collections.Dict at fe267c1dde5d4f648e7bac836a0168fe {'answer': 42}>
>>> d.items()
[('answer', 42)]
>>> d.update({'hasek': 39, 'jagr': 68})
>>> d
<redis_collections.Dict at fe267c1dde5d4f648e7bac836a0168fe {'answer': 42, 'jagr': 68, 'hasek': 39}>
>>> del d['answer']
>>> d
<redis_collections.Dict at fe267c1dde5d4f648e7bac836a0168fe {'jagr': 68, 'hasek': 39}>

Available collections are Dict, List, Set, Counter, and DefaultDict.


License: ISC

© 2013-? Honza Javorek <mail@honzajavorek>

This work is licensed under ISC license.

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