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redis-shard 0.1.5

Redis Sharding API

Latest Version: 0.3.5

Redis Shard

A redis sharding api. Sharding is done based on the CRC32 checksum of a key or key tag (“key{key_tag}”), according to this article .

The source code is locate at github .


Creating a hash ring with multiple servers,By default the hash ring uses a crc32 hashing algorithm on the server’s name config.You can define the name anything as you like,but it must be unique.

I don’t want to bind the hashring with ipaddress,because if I do some master/slave switches, I can only change the ipaddress related config. The name is kept,so the hashring’s order is kept.

>>> from redis_shard.shard import RedisShardAPI
>>> servers = [
    ...    {'name':'server1','host':'','port':10000,'db':0},
    ...    {'name':'server2','host':'','port':11000,'db':0},
    ...    {'name':'server3','host':'','port':12000,'db':0},
    ...    {'name':'','host':'','port':13000,'db':0},
    ...    ]
>>> client = RedisShardAPI(servers)
>>> client.set('test',1)
>>> print client.get('test')
>>> client.zadd('testset','first',1)
>>> client.zadd('testset','second',2)
>>> print client.zrange('testset',0,-1)

Hash tags

see article for detail.

>>> client.set('foo',2)
>>> client.set('a{foo}',5)
>>> client.set('b{foo}',5)
>>> client.set('{foo}d',5)
>>> client.set('d{foo}e',5)
>>> print client.get_server_name('foo') == client.get_server_name('a{foo}') == client.get_server_name('{foo}d') \
... == client.get_server_name('d{foo}e')

I also added an tag_keys method,which is more quickly than default keys method,because it only look one machine.

>>> client.tag_keys('*{foo}*') == client.keys('*{foo}*')

Change History

0.1.5 (2012-07-16)

Add many new methods, support socket_timeout and password

0.1.4 (2011-07-20)

modify hash key algor,support suffix match,thks to dkong support more redis methods,include keys.

0.1.3 (2011-06-20)

support 2.4.X version of redis-py

0.1.2 (2011-06-01)

add file

0.1.1 (2011-05-29)

create hashring use server’s name config.

0.1 (2011-05-28)

first version

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
redis-shard-0.1.5.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-07-16 5KB
redis_shard-0.1.5-py2.6.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.6 2012-07-16 10KB