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rednose 1.3.0

coloured output for nosetests

rednose is a nosetests plugin for adding colour (and readability) to nosetest console results.


pip install rednose

or from the source:

python install

Rednose officially supports Python 2.7, 3.4, and 3.5.


nosetests --rednose



Rednose by default uses auto-colouring, which will only use colour if you’re running it on a terminal (i.e not piping it to a file). To control colouring, use one of:

nosetests --rednose --force-color
nosetests --no-color

(you can also control this by setting the environment variable NOSE_REDNOSE_COLOR to ‘force’ or ‘no’)

Rednose by default prints file paths relative to the working directory. If you want the full path in the traceback then use:

nosetests --rednose --full-file-path

Rednose by default prints error style formating for skipped tests, to supress this use:

nosetests --rednose --hide-skips

Rednose supports printing the test results mid run as well as at the end, to enable it use:

nosetests --rednose --immediate
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