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regenwolken 0.6.1

open source, self-hosting CloudApp

Latest Version: 0.6.2

# regenwolken – an open source CloudApp server

[][app] is really handy, sharing files was never that easy. But I don’t like to see (personal) data like screenshots or code snippets go out of my reach. Regenwolken is a full-featured implementation of the Cloud App API with one malus: you have do edit your /etc/hosts.

#### open server

I’ve set up a server open for everyone. Simply, add to your /etc/hosts. Items older than three days will be purged at midnight (only a small vserver). Happy testing!

## Quickstart

Short instructions for OS X, adapt these commands to your linux distribution of choice (Debian Squeeze!).

$ brew install mongodb $ mongod –dbpath foo/ &

Now install regenwolken and its dependencies:

$ easy_install regenwolken $ easy_install pygments PIL markdown # optional

Modify /etc/hosts, launch regenwolken and register a new account

$ sudo echo “” >> /etc/hosts $ regenwolken & [… open or another client and register a new account] $ rwctl activate USERNAME

You can change that behavior to instantly activate new users. See the configuration part below.

## How to use regenwolken

As an alternative CloudApp-server, you have to edit their DNS to point to your own IP. This will not interfere with CloudApp Service itself, because they are using and for sharing.

$ sudo echo “” >> /etc/hosts

Note: you should set a hostname (= your domain) in regenwolken.cfg. This will return into customized URLs, pointing directly to your host, so others don’t need to modify their hosts.

## Setup and Configuration

See []( and [CONFIG.rst]( for details.

## API implementation

regenwolken provides all API calls to get working and has only few calls of [CloudApp’s API]( missing. See []( for a complete list of features. Below, the following are currently covered by the web interface.

# -H “Accept: text/html”

/ - GET basic web interface /items/<short_id> - GET file or redirect from bookmark /items/<short_id>/filename - GET same as /items/<short_id> /<short_id> - GET viso-like file view or redirect from bookmark /thumb/<short_id> - GET thumbnail of item

Thanks to [cmur2]( for his feature-rich [CLI]( (with HTTPS support!) and help to build this service!

## Clients

If you are working on a API or Client for CloudApp, please consider a configurable service url. That makes the hosts file hack unnecessary and as a side effect you can use HTTPS for all connections (feature is still in master).

### working

### failing clients

## Links:


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