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remind-caldav 0.6.0

Remind CalDAV tools

Tools to sync from CalDAV to Remind ( and the other way round (


You need to have the Remind command line tool installed. For Debian/Ubuntu use:

$ sudo apt-get install remind

Using pip

$ pip install remind-caldav

This will install all Python dependencies as well.

Using python-setuptools

$ python install

Providing the Password

There are a number of options how to provide the CalDAV password:

  • Use a netrc(5) file (<domain> being the domain part of the CalDAV URL):
machine <domain> login <user> password <password>
  • Use python-keyring with the CalDAV URL as the service.
  • Providing a password on the command line. Note that this leaks into the environment.
  • If no password is provided, the tools will ask for one.

How to connect to Google

Go to and enable “Access for less secure apps”. This enables basic HTTP authentication as OAuth2 is not supported by python-caldav.


Where calid should be replaced by the “calendar ID” of the calendar to be accessed. This can be found through the Google Calendar web interface as follows: in the pull-down menu next to the calendar name, select Calendar Settings. On the resulting page the calendar ID is shown in a section labelled Calendar Address. The calendar ID for a user’s primary calendar is the same as that user’s email address.

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