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remote_copy_and_execute 1.1.1

Tool to use SSH protocol to copy and execute arbitrary scripts/commands on a list of machines in parallel

remote_copy_and_execute is a tool used to copy a script in batch to a set list of hosts, execute N at a time, and print the results.

It uses the SSH protocol (ssh and scp utilities) to perform the acts. This is useful for a multiude of purposes,

from running custom audit scripts to deployment scripts, activation and really any batch task.

Example Usage:

remote_copy_and_execute –rcae-at-a-time=3 –rcae-as-user=www –rcae-skip-bad-hosts ./myScriptName – host1 host2 host3 host4 host5 host6 host7

The above command will copy and execute execute as “www” the script “myScriptName” on 3 hosts at a time, until all given hosts are completed or failed, and print results on completion.

remote_copy_and_execute –rcae-batch –rcae-as-user=myuser /home/myuser/scripts/audit – host1 host2 host3 host4

The above command will copy and execute execute “/home/myuser/scripts/audit” on all of the given hosts, as “myuser”, using common batch options.

All Options:

Usage: remote_copy_and_execute [program] [args] (–) [hostname1] [hostnameN]

Copies a script and executes on multiple hosts simultaneously. Use “–” after the args and before the list of host names.

Script must be executable by the running user

remote_copy_and_execute arguments:

–rcae-timeout=#seconds to use a timeout.

–rcae-omit-empty Omit printing empty results

–rcae-at-a-time=# Split application into given # chunks

–rcae-hide-date Do not show runtime date

–rcae-skip-bad-hosts Skip bad hosts. Default is to terminate.

–rcae-quiet Omit all output except that from the script. Implies hide-date

–rcae-as-user=username Perform copy and execute as given user. Default is root.

–rcae-print-on-host-complete Print right after each host completes execution. Default is to print at end of each set. Assumes rcae-hide-date.

–rcae-batch Sets defaults [listed below]. Sane defaults for batch

executions. This directive is evaluated first, so you can override the ones that take a paramater.






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