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remotely 0.2.0

Remotely is a simple and secure remote code execution api

Remotely is a simple and secure remote code execution api that supports both asynchronous and blocking execution.

Remotely can be used for:

  • distributing tasks to other boxes in parallel
  • running coding under other versions of python
  • accessing libraries not available on the current box such as using win32com from linux
  • accessing resources (files etc) on another box

You start the remotely server on the box where you want to execute code.

from remotely import create_remotely_server
server = create_remotely_server("YOUR_API_KEY", PORT)

And you use the remotely decorater for any function you want to run remotely.

from remotely import remotely

def remote_code():
    # import required packages
    # do something here
    return result

# function will be executed on the remote server

The asynchronous (non-blocking) version runs the function as a separate process on the remote server and supports simple job management functions (join and kill).

from remotely import RemoteClient
rc = RemoteClient("API_KEY", SERVER, PORT)
pid =, arg1, arg2=key2)
output = rc.join(pid)
output = rc.kill(pid)

Created by Kefei Zhou (kefei.zhou at gmail)
Licensed under BSD 3-Clause, included as LICENSE in the source distribution.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
remotely-0.2.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-11-16 5KB