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repoze.bfg.viewgroup 0.3

An anlologue of Zope 3 "content providers" for repoze.bfg


repoze.bfg.viewgroup is an extension for repoze.bfg which makes it possible to make a bfg:viewgroup declaration in ZCML which acts much like bfg:view inasmuch as it results in a bfg view registration. Unlike a “normal” bfg:view registration, however, a bfg:viewgroup registration refers to one or more other bfg views (matching them by name, for interface, and request type). When a bfg:viewgroup is invoked (either via traversal or via programmatic view execution), a viewgroup will return a response which appends all the referenced view renderings together in a single body.

This package is largely by request for folks that enjoy using Zope 3 “content providers” and “viewlets”, although it is slightly less featureful, as bfg views themselves typically do not possess an interface (they’re just callables), so you cannot register a viewgroup against a view interface.

Note that the author of repoze.viewgroup disagrees with the concept on which its based; it seems more straightforward and understandable to him to just do the work in a view itself without all this stupid machinery (the docs for this are particularly painful to write because they’re entirely self-referential, a sure sign of stupid machinery, so forgive me if I have trouble explaining it). This is largely just a proof of concept, although a tested and functional one.


Install using setuptools, e.g. (within a virtualenv):

$ easy_install -i \


To use a viewgroup, you must:

  1. Create a ZCML registration which registers a viewgroup.
  2. Either invoke the viewgroup via normal URL traversal like a regular view - OR - use the provider API to inject content into your template using the viewgroup name.

ZCML Registration

Create a bfg:viewgroup registration in ZCML via the bfg:viewgroup directive:

  viewnames="login_tab content_tab"

The consituent attributes of this directive are:

name – The name by which the viewgroup can be found via traversal
or programmatic view execution. This attribute has the same meaning as the name attribute in a bfg:view directive.
viewnames – The view names (in render order) which will be
rendered when this viewgroup is rendered, separated by spaces. Each name should refer to a view name defined elsewhere in ZCML.
for – The “model” interface which this view is registered for
This attribute has the same meaning as its counterpart in bfg:view directive.

The for argument is optional; it defaults to None. The name argument is also optional. It defaults to the empty string (indicating the default view).

Viewgroups registered wih a name and a for and will conflict with views registered with the same arguments, so it’s wise to name your viewgroups differently than your views.

A viewgroup can refer to another viewgroup in its viewname argument as necessary (although this is insane).

What Happens When a Viewgroup is Rendered

When a viewgroup is rendered, it attempts to render each constituent view it references (via viewnames). If an individual constituent view cannot be rendered due to a permission issue, it is skipped over. If a constituent view cannot be rendered because it cannot be found, a ValueError is raised. The rendering of a viewgroup is the simple concatenation of all allowed views referenced by the viewgroup.

Provider Helper

A helper class named is made available for those wishing to render viewgroups within templates. An instance of Provider can be constructed and passed into a template rendering so it may be used ala the provider: expression type in Zope 3. For example, this view might render a template:

from repoze.bfg.view import bfg_view

def myview(context, request):
    from import Provider
    provider = Provider(context, request)
    return {'provider':provider}

The template being rendered can use the provider to “fill slots” by passing in view or viewgroup names as necessary, e.g.:

   <span tal:replace="structure provider('headgroup')/>

The names passed in to a provider should be either a bfg view name or a bfg viewgroup name.

Reporting Bugs / Development Versions

Visit to report bugs. Visit to download development or tagged versions.


0.3 (2010-06-15)

  • Make compatible with BFG 1.2; first PyPI release.


  • Changes to support upcoming BFG release (which does not require, so we don’t either).


  • Initial release.
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