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repren 0.3.9

repren: Multi-pattern string replacement and file renaming

Repren is a simple but flexible command-line tool for rewriting file contents according to a set of regular expression patterns, and to rename or move files according to patterns. Essentially, it is a general-purpose, brute-force text file refactoring tool. For example, repren could rename all occurrences of certain class and variable names in a set of Java source files, while simultaneously renaming the Java files according to the same pattern. It’s more powerful than usual options like perl -pie, rpl, or sed:

  • It can also rename files, including moving files and creating directories.
  • It supports fully expressive regular expression substitutions.
  • It performs group renamings, i.e. rename “foo” as “bar”, and “bar” as “foo” at once, without requiring a temporary intermediate rename.
  • It is careful. It has a nondestructive mode, and prints clear stats on its changes. It leaves backups. File operations are done atomically, so interruptions never leave a previously existing file truncated or partly edited.
  • It supports “magic” case-preserving renames that let you find and rename identifiers with case variants (lowerCamel, UpperCamel, lower_underscore, and UPPER_UNDERSCORE) consistently.
  • It has this nice documentaion!

If file paths are provided, repren replaces those files in place, leaving a backup with extension “.orig”. If directory paths are provided, it applies replacements recursively to all files in the supplied paths that are not in the exclude pattern. If no arguments are supplied, it reads from stdin and writes to stdout.

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repren-0.3.9.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-07-31 8KB