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requests-aws 0.1.5

AWS authentication for Amazon S3 for the python requests module

#S3 using python-requests

AWS authentication for Amazon S3 for the wonderful [pyhon requests library](

- Tested with python 2.6 and python 3.3.2
- At the moment only S3 is supported

## Usage

import requests
from awsauth import S3Auth


s = 'Sam is sweet'
# Creating a file
r = requests.put('', data=s, auth=S3Auth(ACCESS_KEY, SECRET_KEY))

# Downloading a file
r = requests.get('', auth=S3Auth(ACCESS_KEY, SECRET_KEY))
if r.text == 'Sam is sweet':
    print "It works"

# Removing a file
r = requests.delete('', auth=S3Auth(ACCESS_KEY, SECRET_KEY))


## Installation
Installing requests-aws is simple with pip:

    $ pip install requests-aws

[![Build Status](](
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