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requests_mauth 1.0.1

An MAuth client based around the excellent requests library.

# requests-mauth

requests-mauth is a python requests ( Authentication implementation
for Medidata's _MAuth_ authentication system.

## Pre-requisites ##

To use MAuth authentication you will need:

* An MAuth APP ID
* An MAuth private key (with the public key registered with Medidata's MAuth server)

## Using ##

import requests
from requests_mauth import MAuth

APP_UUID = '55dc88ec-c109-11e1-84f6-1231381b7d70'
private_key = open("private.key","r").read()

mauth = MAuth(APP_UUID, private_key)

# Call an MAuth protected resource, in this case an iMedidata API
# listing the studies for a particular user
user_uuid = '10ac3b0e-9fe2-11df-a531-12313900d531'
url = "" % user_uuid

# Make the requests call, passing the auth client
result = requests.get(url, auth=mauth)

# Print results
if result.status_code == 200:
print([r['uuid'] for r in result.json()['studies']])

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