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Not Logged In 0.2.2 API

Install package:

pip install

Create or update a repository: update-repo -t MY_TOKEN -r MY_REPO (--public | --private)

Create or update a branch: update-branch -t MY_TOKEN -r MY_REPO -n MY_BRANCH /path/to/my/sources

Create or update a tag: update-tag -t MY_TOKEN -r MY_REPO -n MY_TAG /path/to/my/sources

Monitor a site:

  • freeze the current environment with pip
  • hostname is the default site name update-site -t MY_TOKEN -r MY_REPO

Delete repositories, branches, tags and sites: delete-repo -t MY_TOKEN -r MY_REPO delete-branch -t MY_TOKEN -r MY_REPO -n MY_BRANCH delete-tag -t MY_TOKEN -r MY_REPO -n MY_TAG delete-site -t MY_TOKEN -r MY_REPO -n MY_SITE
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size (md5) Python Wheel 2.7 2014-11-08 7KB (md5) Source 2014-11-08 5KB
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