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reserve 0.3

Python server. Redesigned.

reserve is a generic Python server (and server library). It means it’s able to host any type of application, not only wsgi apps like the web servers do.


  • sdlaunch - reserve doesn’t contain socket opening nor daemonizing code, it depends on sdlaunch for that (or alternatively you can use systemd socket activation)
  • fdsocket - python’s sockets, when creating them from a file descriptor, require their user to provide some information unobtainable from Python, but easy to get from C. fdsocket provides that information.


sdlaunch -b "[::]:80" -- reserve app [args...]


  • :: is the IPv6 address to listen on (:: means all)
  • 80 is the port
  • app is the name of application you want to serve
  • [args...] is a list of arguments to pass to the application (optional)

Application definition

Application is a python module containing a launch(args) callable - where args is an array of strings.

It should return a request handler callable - handle(socket, client_address, server), where:

  • socket is a newly opened socket
  • client_address is a tuple containing client’s IP and port
  • server is a TCPServer object that you probably should not touch

Bundled applications

reserve currently bundles only one reserve app - http. Together with wsgi subapplication it can be used to serve WSGI apps.

The API for writing subapplications of http is currently undocumented and considered a implementation detail. You should not use it, as it might change at any point in the future. Still, you may use it together with wsgi - as that is guaranteed to remain backwards compatible.

Serving WSGI apps

sdlaunch -b "[::]:80" -- reserve app http wsgi wsgi-app-name [args...]

where wsgi-app-name is a python module containing a launch(args) callable (like with normal reserve app)

It should return a WSGI (PEP 3333) application callable.

Warning: You should not use reserve.http in production. You should serve your application as SCGI/FCGI/… instead and use a real web server as a frontend.

reserve does not currently support SCGI/FCGI/…, but in the near future it will.

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