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rest2web 0.5.0 Final

A tool for autobuilding html pages for websites or project documentation. Content can be stored as ReStructuredText or HTML and has a flexible templating system.

rest2web is a tool for autogenerating wesites, parts of websites or project documentation. Its main features include :

  • Integrated with docutils (store your pages in ReST or HTML)
  • Automatically builds index pages and navigation links (sidebars and breadcrumbs)
  • Embedded code in templates for unlimited expressiveness
  • Flexible macro system.
  • Uses relative links, so sites can be viewed from the filesystem
  • Unicode internally - so you don’t have to be
  • Includes features for multiple translations of sites
  • Built-in gallery creator plugin.
  • The basic system is very easy to use
  • Lots of powerful (optional) features

The content can be stored as HTML, or in ReST format; in which case the HTML will be generated using docutils. rest2web inserts each page into a template, and automatically creates index pages for sections, and navigation links.

There are lots of changes in the 0.5.0 update. See The Changelog for full details.

Important changes since the last release (0.5.0 Beta 1) include:

  • All the standard macros are now built-in. There is no need for a separate macro file if you are only using the standard ones.
  • A new ‘skiperrors’ config file / command line option. Errors in processing a file can now be ignored and rest2web will attempt to continue processing.
  • A config file is no longer required in force mode. (The current directory is used as the source directory and html output is put into a subdirectory called ‘html’.)
  • The restindex and uservalues block may now be in a ReST comment. This means that rest2web source documents with a restindex can still be valid ReStructured Text documents.