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restler-serialization 0.3

Restler provides flexible and configurable JSON and XML object serialization for the web

Latest Version: 0.4.1

Restler is an object Serialization library for the web. It supports translating objects to JSON or XML. Currently, it is targeted at Google App Engine with python 2.7. Documentation can be found at:

If you are using App Engine, you may also be interested in Substrate, which packages Restler and several other useful libraries into an application template:


Install Restler from PyPi using easy_install or pip; or download the package and run:

python install

(Running requires setuptools.)

For use on Google App Engine, you will need to install the code in the restler directory somewhere in your path.

Running Tests

To run restler’s tests:


Running tests requires python 2.7 the Google App Engine SDK.


A db.Model or ndb.Model instance can be serialized with the default settings using to_json or to_xml.

>>> jean = Person(first_name="Jeanne", last_name="d'Arc", ssn="N/A")
>>> to_json(jean)
'{"first_name": "Jeanne", "last_name": "d\'Arc", "ssn": "N/A"}'

To include only certain fields, use a ModelStrategy. When using a ModelStrategy, you will need to use a restler model decorator.

>>> @ae_db_serializer
>>> class User(db.Model)
>>>    ...

Now setup the ModelStrategy

>>> person_strategy = ModelStrategy(Person).include("first_name", "last_name")
>>> to_json(jean, person_strategy)
'{"first_name": "Jeanne", "last_name": "d'Arc"}'

Or, to exclude specified fields:

>>> person_strategy = ModelStrategy(Person, include_all_fields=True).exclude("ssn")
>>> to_json(jean, person_strategy)
'{"first_name": "Jeanne", "last_name": "d'Arc"}'

For more details on customizing serialization, see the documentation.

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