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rgcompare 0.2

A robot comparison tool for rgkit.


rgkit robot comparison tool

This is a program to compare two (soon: many) rgkit robots (see also

It has multiprocessing and live updating of graphs.

It is in some sorts a replacement for rgkit's default '', since it is supposed to only test bots against each other, and not be
used for debugging. Try to use non-functional bots at your own peril!


usage: rgcompare [-h] [--initrun] [--games GAMES] [--turns TURNS] [--version]
[--processes PROCESSES] [--batch [output dir]] [--no-gui]
[--map MAP]
[r [r ...]]

Compare two or more robotgame controller bots in rgkit

positional arguments:
r robots to fight each other. not yet implemented: if
more than two, batch mode will commence

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--initrun attempt to run game as soon as launched
--games GAMES number of games to run (default 100)
--turns TURNS number of turns per run to set (default 100)
--version show program's version number and exit
--processes PROCESSES
number of processors to use for calculation (default
--batch [output dir] not yet implemented: and save image of every battle
when finished (default: rgcompare/)
--no-gui run without graphics (enables initial run)
--map MAP map to use (default maps/  
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