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riak 2.0.1

Python client for Riak

Latest Version: 2.7.0

Python Client for Riak

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`Documentation for the Riak Python Client Library <http:"" riak-python-client="" index.html="">`_ is available here.
The documentation source is found in `docs/ subdirectory
<https:"" basho="" riak-python-client="" tree="" master="" docs="">`_ and can be
built with `Sphinx <http:""/>`_.

Documentation for Riak is available at


The recommended version of Python for use with this client is Python 2.7.

You must have `Protocol Buffers`_ installed before you can install the Riak Client. From the Riak Python Client root directory, execute::

python install

There is an additional dependency on the Python package `setuptools`. Please install `setuptools` first, e.g. ``port install py27-setuptools`` for OS X and MacPorts.

Unit Test
To run the unit tests against a Riak server (with default TCP port configuration) on localhost, execute::

python test

If you don't have `Riak Search <http:"" riak-search.html="">`_ enabled you can set the ``SKIP_SEARCH`` environment variable to skip that tests.

If your Riak server isn't running on localhost, use the environment variables ``RIAK_TEST_HOST`` and ``RIAK_TEST_HTTP_PORT`` and ``RIAK_TEST_PB_PORT=8087`` to specify where to find the Riak server.
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riak-2.0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-08-28 103KB