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riemann-client 4.1.2

A Riemann client and command line tool

Latest Version: 6.5.0

A Riemann client library and command line tool for Python. It supports UDP and TCP transports, queries, and all metric types. However, it does not currently support event attributes or a SSL TCP transport.

The client library aims to provide a simple, minimal API does not require direct interaction with protocol buffers (though it does allow using the protobuf API directly, allowing you to use unsupported features such as event attributes). There is also a queued client that can queue events and then send in a single message.


As a command line tool:

riemann-client [--host HOST] [--port PORT] send [-s SERVICE] [-S STATE] [-m METRIC] [...]
riemann-client [--host HOST] [--port PORT] query '<query>'

The host and port used by the command line tool can also be set with the RIEMANN_HOST and RIEMANN_PORT environment variables. By default, localhost:5555 will be used.

As a library:

import riemann_client.client

with riemann_client.client.Client() as client:
        client.event(service='riemann-client', state='awesome')
        client.query("service = 'riemann-client'")

A more detailed example, using both a non-default transport and a queued client:

from riemann_client.transport import TCPTransport
from riemann_client.client import QueuedClient

with QueuedClient(TCPTransport('localhost', 5555)) as client:
        client.event(service='one', metric_f=1)
        client.event(service='two', metric_f=2)

The QueuedClient class modifies the event() method to add events to a queue instead of immediately sending them, and adds the flush() method to send the current event queue as a single message.


riemann-client requires Python 2.6 or 2.7, and can be installed with pip install riemann-client. Python 3 is not supported due to the dependency on the Google protobuf package. You can also use the provided makefile to build and distribute an RPM using [fpm](



Version numbers use the semver specification. A new major version indicates breaking changes.

Version 3.1.x

  • Relaxed version requirements to fit CentOS 6 packages
  • ~~Added Makefile and specfile for building RPMs with rpmbuild~~
  • Added Makefile to build RPMs with fpm

Version 3.0.0

  • Renamed module from riemann to riemann_client
  • Command line interface was rewritten, and is now the only part of the library that respects the RIEMANN_HOST and RIEMANN_PORT environment variables
  • Support for querying the Riemann index was added
  • Internally, transports now define send instead of write, and TCPTransport.send returns Riemann’s response message


riemann-client is licensed under the MIT Licence. The protocol buffer definition is sourced from the Riemann Java client, which is licensed under the Apache Licence.


riemann-client was written by Sam Clements, while working at DataSift.

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