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ripe.tinyurl 1.1

A short URL package for Plone 4.3+


This is a simple package which contains a BrowserView which allows Site Admins to easily create and maintain a short url/tinyurl.

You can access the BrowserView by going to a folder and adding 'ripe-tinyurl' to the URL.

Once you add a URL to the input, then you will receive a hashed URL in return. A link object is created on the CMS.

For example

Adding the URL will return

"The shortened URL is http://localhost:8080/r/FrFk"


Any comments and feedback are welcome.

Full Documentation

The ripe.tinyurl package works on any folder.

The idea is to have a folder (or folders) at the root of the site. Within these folder we can host link objects which are in fact acting as short URLs.

Enabling Access
Firstly have to enable a user access to the TinyURL management screen. As a site administrator you will be able to access the screen.

Access can be granted via the Sharing tab.

The user will require to add and review content. The reason for this is that the application immediately creates and then publishes a link.

The Management Screen
To view the TinyURL Management screen, you will have to navigate to the required hosting folder and type @@ripe-tinyurl at the end of the URL.


Creating a TinyURL
Add a URL to the input and click submit, you may, if you wish change the length on the URL which is returned.

If the URL already exists then you will be given the previous TinyURL.

Editing the URL
If the Contributor wants to change the URL then they can click on the Edit button. This will then trigger the default Plone Rename Object form.  
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