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rlog 0.0.4

Small handler and formatter for using python logging with Redis

Latest Version: 0.1


Small handler and formatter for using python logging with Redis.
This is cleared and simplified version of [python-redis-log]
) by Jed Parsons, with Python3 support.

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The current stable release:

pip install rlog


easy_install rlog

or from source:

$ sudo python install


>>> from rlog import RedisHandler
>>> logger = logging.getLogger()
>>> logger.addHandler(RedisHandler(channel='test'))
>>> logger.warning("Spam!")
>>> logger.error("Eggs!")

Redis clients subscribed to ``test`` will get a json log record.

You can use the ``redis-cli`` shell that comes with ``redis`` to test this. At
the shell prompt, type ``subscribe my:channel`` (replacing with the channel
name you choose, of course). You will see subsequent log data printed in the

Also you can use it with Django:
'version': 1,
'disable_existing_loggers': True,
'handlers': {
'redis': {
'level': 'DEBUG',
'class': 'rlog.RedisHandler',
'host': 'localhost',
'password': 'redis_password',
'port': 6379,
'channel': 'my_amazing_logs'
'loggers': {
'django': {
'level': 'INFO',
'handlers': ['redis'],
'propagate': True,

You can also simply use it with logstash.
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