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robotframework-hub 0.2

Webserver for robot framework assets

Latest Version: 0.9

# Welcome to Robot Framework Hub

This is a very early version of a server for the robot framework
testing framework. The hub uses flask to provide both a RESTful
interface and a browser-based UI for accessing test assets.

The hub currently provides the following services:

* RESTful API for retrieving the documentation for all available
* Website for viewing the documentation for all keywords
available on the system

The hub will eventually provide the following services:

* Web-based front-end to the robot test runner (pybot)
* Web-based dashboard for coordinating testing efforts
* Website for browsing test cases
* Website for browsing test results
* RESTful API for all of the above
* Plug-in architecture

## How to install and run the hub

### Download

Eventually the hub will be pip-installable, but in this early release
you will need to download the source from this repository then install
it with

$ cd /path/to/repository
$ python ./ install

It is recommended that you use a virtualenv, though strictly speaking
it's not necessary.

### Dependencies

The hub is dependent on the following packages:

- robotframework
- flask
- watchdog
- sqlite3

### Start the server

To start the server, run the hub module:

$ python -m rfhub

By default the hub will run on port 7070, but that can be changed with
the --port option.

The hub will serve up all built-in and installed robotframework
libraries that it can find. To include your own keyword libraries and
resource files, include a path to them on the command line.

For example, if you have resource files in /myapp/keywords, include
that on the command line:

$ python -m robotframework-hub /myapp/keywords

## Accessing the data

Presently, three uris are supported:

- /api - fetch JSON-formatted keyword data
- /doc - UI for viewing keyword documentation
- /dashboard - a fairly useless (for now!) dashboard

### Read keyword documentation

Keyword documentation is available with URls like the following:

- http://localhost:7070/doc/keywords/
- http://localhost:7070/doc/keywords/BuiltIn/
- http://localhost:7070/doc/keywords/BuiltIn/Evaluate
- http://localhost:7070/doc/keywords?patter=Should

### Get JSON data for keywords

JSON data is available on all of the keywords and libraries via
the "/api" url. For example:

- http://localhost:7070/api/keywords/
- http://localhost:7070/api/keywords/BuiltIn
- http://localhost:7070/api/keywords/BuiltIn/Evaluate
- http://localhost:7070/api/keywords?pattern=Should*

## Acknowledgements

A huge thank-you to Echo Global Logistics ( for supporting
the development of this package.  
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