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robotframework-ioslibrary 0.2.0

Robot Framework Automation Library for iOS


**robotframework-ioslibrary** is a `Robot Framework
<http:"" p="" robotframework=""/>`_ test library for all your iOS
automation needs.

It uses `Calabash iOS Server
<https:"" calabash="" calabash-ios-server="">`_ to communicate with your
instrumented iOS application similar to how `Selenium WebDriver
<http:"" projects="" webdriver=""/>`_ talks to your web browser.


To install, just fetch the latest version from PyPI:.

pip install --upgrade robotframework-ioslibrary

Prepare your iOS app

To prepare your iOS app look at <https:"" calabash="" calabash-ios#installation="">

Install Waxsim

To get full simulator support, e.g.: for testing in app purchases
you have to install waxsim.

Download the source from::

change into the directory and build it with::


Then add the binary to your path

Simulator Reset

To use `Reset Simultor` enable:

System preferences -> Accesability -> Enable access for Assisted devices


API documentation can be found at
<http:"" robotframework-ioslibrary="" ioslibrary.html="">`_,
here is an example on how to use it:

============ ================
Setting Value
============ ================
Library IOSLibrary
============ ================


============ ================================= =================================== ========== ========================
Test Case Action Argument Argument Argument
============ ================================= =================================== ========== ========================
\ [Documentation] Starts the iOS Simulator and swipes
\ Set Device URL localhost:37265
\ Start Simulator
\ Wait Until Keyword Succeeds 1 minute 5 seconds Is Device Available
\ Swipe right
\ Rotate left
\ Screen Should Contain Hello World
============ ================================= =================================== ========== ========================


robotframework is a port of the ruby-based `calabash-ios` and therefore
licensed under the `Eclipse Public License (EPL) v1.0
<http:"" legal="" epl-v10.html="">`_

Development by `Lovely Systems GmbH <http:""/>`_,
sponsored by `Axel Springer AG <http:""/>`_.  
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