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robotframework-python3 2.9

Python 3 compatible generic test automation framework

Please report any issues to:

You can look at this URL for a complete code diff:…python3


pip install robotframework-python3


Differences in Python 3

Python 3 makes a clear distinction between str for textual data and bytes for binary data. This affects the Standard Test Libraries and their Keywords:

  • str arguments don’t work where bytes are expected, like writing to binary file streams or comparing with other bytes.
  • bytes don’t work where str is expected, like writing to text mode streams or comparing with another str.
  • Reading from binary streams always returns bytes.
  • Reading from text streams always returns str.

You can use the following keywords to explicitly create bytes:

  • BuiltIn.Convert To Bytes
  • String.Encode String To Bytes

I extended Process.Start Process with a binary_mode argument. By default the process streams are opened in text mode. You can change this with:


Collections.Get Dictionary Keys normally sorts the keys. I disabled key sorting in Python 3, because most builtin types are not comparable to each other. This further affects Get Dictionary Values and Get Dictionary Items. I still need to find a better solution… Maybe imitate Python 2 sorting? Any suggestions? :)

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