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roller 0.4.8

Kernel rolling helper

Latest Version: 2.0.0

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Roller provides a pythonic Kernel object for configuring and compiling kernels, and a streamlined command line tool for using that object

## Usage

### Options
  • -h, –help: show the help text

  • –version: show the version

  • -v, –verbose: increase verbosity, which includes using progress bars for downloading/extracting

  • -k, –kernel: pick the version you want to build. (defaults to latest stable)

  • -n, –new-revision: set new revision to create
    • “next” will automatically increment to the next revision
    • Omit this to build directly from the selected config without modification
  • -c, –config: kernel version to get the initial configuration from. (defaults to current running version)

  • -r, –config-revision: kernel revision to use for initial configuration. (defaults to “current”, which uses /proc/config.gz)

  • -s, –skip-install: don’t install kernel to /boot

  • -p, –patch: Open a shell before configuration to allow patching the kernel tree

  • -b, –build-dir: Set path to use for downloading/extracting kernel (defaults to /tmp)

  • -d, –config-dir: Set path for kernel configs (defaults to $build_dir/configs)

## Installation

pip install roller

## License

roller is released under the MIT License. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.

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