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ronkyuu 0.4

Webmention Manager

[![Requirements Status](](

論及 ronkyuu - mention, reference to, touching upon

Python package to help with parsing, handling and other manipulations of the IndieWeb Toolkit items, such as:
* [Webmention](
* Discovery of mentions in a publisher's post, the handling of finding what the Webmention callback is for the reference and also handling of incoming Webmention requests are handled.
* [RelMe](
* Take a source URL and a resource URL that is supposed to be a rel=me for the source and verify that it is.

* Mention discovery in a post
* Discovery of Webmention callback for a link
* POST of Webmention to discovered callback
* Receipt of a Webmention POST
* support for RelMe verification

See the examples/ directory for sample command line tools.

* bear (Mike Taylor)
* kartikprabhu (Kartik Prabhu)

Find all <a/> elements in the html returned for a post.
If any have an href attribute that is not from the one of the items in domains, append it to our lists.

Search the given html content for all <link/> elements and return any discovered WebMention URL.

Discover any WebMention endpoint for a given URL.

sendWebmention(sourceURL, targetURL, webmention=None)
Send to the targetURL a WebMention for the sourceURL.
The WebMention will be discovered if not given in the optional webmention parameter.

Find all <a/> elements in the given html for a post.
If any have an href attribute that is rel="me" then include it in the result.

Determine if a given resourceURL is authoritative for the profileURL.
The list of rel="me" links will be discovered if not provided in the optional profileRelMes parameter or the resourceRelMes paramter.

URLValidator class

TODO: fill in details of how to use

Python v2.6+ but see requirements.txt for a full list

For testing we use [httmock]( to mock the web calls.  
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