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rosa 0.1.2

Helper script for ROS

Latest Version: 0.1.3

Commands for quickly performing common operations in ROS.


To install, run the following:

pip install rosa

Or, if you wish to install the latest from source:

git clone
cd rosa
python install

Usage & Examples

ROSA installs a new command (rosa) which includes subcommands for doing common ROS tasks. And, of course, there’s a --help:

rosa --help

Creating a Workspace

To create a workspace, source your setup.{bash,zsh,sh} of choice from either opt/ros or from an existing workspace if using overlays, then run rosa:

source /opt/ros/hydro/setup.bash
rosa create_workspace my_workspace

If you have a rosintall you’re going to use with this workspace, you can add it up immidiately using the -i flag. The rosinstall will be merged in to the workspace (as if using wstool merge), and updated (wstool update):

rosa create_workspace -i ~/my.rosinstall my_workspace

As with wstool you can also use web URIs directly:

rosa create_workspace -i my_workspace

Specify multiple rosinstall files using multiple -i flags:

rosa create_workspace -i ~/my.rosinstall -i my_workspace

Adding ROSinstall Files to an Existing Workspace

You can also merge rosinstall files into a workspace that already exists. From anywhere in the target workspace:

rosa merge_rosinstall ~/my.rosinstall

Once again, URIs are fair game as are multiple rosinstall files:

rosa merge_rosinstall ~/my.rosinstall

If you’re not inside a workspace or you want to merge the rosinstalls into a different workspace you can specify one using the -w flag:

rosa -w ~/my_workspace merge_rosinstall ~/my.rosinstall



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