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rpiSht1x 1.2

Reads Humidity and Temperature from a Sensirion SHT1x sensor.

This module reads Humidity and Temperature from a Sensirion SHT1x sensor. It has been tested both with an SHT11 and an SHT15.

It is meant to be used in a Raspberry Pi and depends on this module (

The module raspberry-gpio-python requires root privileges, therefore, to run this module you need to run your script as root.

This a Python/Raspberry Pi port of this library:

Example Usage:

from sht1x.Sht1x import Sht1x as SHT1x
dataPin = 11
clkPin = 7
sht1x = SHT1x(dataPin, clkPin, SHT1x.GPIO_BOARD)

temperature = sht1x.read_temperature_C()
humidity = sht1x.read_humidity()
dewPoint = sht1x.calculate_dew_point(temperature, humidity)

print("Temperature: {} Humidity: {} Dew Point: {}".format(temperature, humidity, dewPoint))

Release Notes

  • v1.2, 31/12/2012 – Added the possibility to define the GPIO mode (GPIO_BOARD or GPIO_BCM) in the constructor. This is to make sure that this library plays nicely with other libraries that might rely on a specific mode. If no mode is provided, the constructor will default to the GPIO_BOARD mode. Thanks to Daniël van Eeden for suggesting this improvement.
  • v1.1, 26/10/2012 – Added WaitingSht1x, dew point calculation and using v4 constants. WaitingSht1x makes sure that no more than a query per second is performed on the sensor. This is in order to prevent the sensor from heating and skewing the temperature readings.
  • v1.0, 7/10/2012 – Initial release.
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