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rsa 3.4.2

Pure-Python RSA implementation

Pure Python RSA implementation

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[Python-RSA]( is a pure-Python RSA implementation. It supports
encryption and decryption, signing and verifying signatures, and key
generation according to PKCS#1 version 1.5. It can be used as a Python
library as well as on the commandline. The code was mostly written by
Sybren A. Stüvel.

Documentation can be found at the [Python-RSA homepage](

Download and install using:

pip install rsa

or download it from the [Python Package Index](

The source code is maintained at [Github]( and is
licensed under the [Apache License, version 2.0](

Plans for the future

Version 3.4 is the last version in the 3.x range. Version 4.0 will drop the following modules,
as they are insecure:

- `rsa._version133`
- `rsa._version200`
- `rsa.bigfile`
- `rsa.varblock`

Those modules are marked as deprecated in version 3.4.

Furthermore, in 4.0 the I/O functions will be streamlined to always work with bytes on all
supported versions of Python.
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