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Fully event-driven Robotics Service Bus

Latest Version: 0.16.4


  • Python Spread module: You probably have to adjust the SPREAD_DIR variable in to point to your spread installation (line 64)
  • epydoc for API documentation
  • coverage for code coverage report
  • unittest-xml-reporting for xml unit test reports


Modify the contents of setup.cfg according to your needs. Especially the “protocolroot” needs to be adjusted to point to your installation of RSBProtocol. The given path must point to the folder containing the first proto files. Afterwards type:

python build
python install --prefix=$prefix

Running Unit Tests


python test

Reports will be generated in test-reports and on the command line.

Generating the API Documentation


python doc

Will be available at doc/html.

Generating the Coverage Report


python coverage

Will be available in covhtml.

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rsb-python- (md5) Source 2012-08-20 44KB