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rst2db 0.9b

A reStructuredText to DocBook converter using Python's docutils.

Latest Version: 1.0

A reStructuredText to DocBook converter using Python’s docutils. will convert simple reStructuredText markup to DocBook. Not all tags are yet supported, but it is easy to add new ones thanks to docutils.


rst2db <filename> [-e root_element] [-o output_file] [-t template_file]

Only the filename to process is required. All other settings are optional.


-e root_element
 set the root element of the resulting docbook file. If this is not specified, then ‘section’ will be used.
-o output_file set the output filename to write. If this is not specified, then output will be sent to stdout.
-t template_file

set a template file to use to dress the output. You must have Jinja2 installed to use this feature.

Use {{data.root_element}} and {{data.contents}} to represent the output of this script in your template.


This software is provided under the BSD 3-Clause license. See the LICENSE file for more details.

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