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rstview 0.2

Simple Django application to parse content with ReStructuredText from docutils

Latest Version: 0.4.0


This is a simple Django application to parse content with ReStructuredText from docutils to HTML5 or HTML4 (suitable for XHTML).


Optionnaly (but recommended) you can install Pygments to have highlighted syntax in your sourcecode block :


Just register the app in your project settings like this :


If needed you can change some options, see the “” file to find the available option variables and overwrite them in your project settings file.


Simpliest usage is to display a ReStructuredText file, like a “README.rst” from a project, assuming the file is a path below your Django project, you can add it to your project “” file like this :

from rstview.views import RSTFileView
urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'^README$', RSTFileView.as_view(doc_file_path="../README.rst", doc_title="Notice"), name='project-readme'),

Default settings is to render document as HTML5, you can change this behaviour to a HTML4 render that is also suitable to use in XHTML documents, see local_settings.RSTVIEW_PARSER_WRITER and override it in settings.RSTVIEW_PARSER_WRITER.

RSTFileView view

This generic view takes three optional arguments :

  • doc_file_path : the file path to parse as ReStructuredText file to render;
  • doc_title : the title for the document;
  • template_name : a custom template file path, by default this is rstview/fileview.html.

Template filter

A template filter is available to simply transform a source text into a ReStructuredText content :

{% load rstview_tags %}

<div class="message">
    {{ message_text|source_render }}

message_text has to be a variable containing a string, default behavior is to use the default parser settings from settings.RSTVIEW_PARSER_FILTER_SETTINGS.

If you need to use a different parser settings, just give his key name to the filter as the first argument like this :

{% load rstview_tags %}

<div class="message">
    {{ message_text|source_render:"my_parser_settings" }}

The given parser setting must be defined in settings.RSTVIEW_PARSER_FILTER_SETTINGS to works.

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