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rt 1.0.5

Python interface to Request Tracker API

Latest Version: 1.0.8

Python implementation of REST API described here:


This module uses following Python modules:


This module is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public Licence v3 and was developed by CZ.NIC Labs - research and development department of CZ.NIC association - top level domain registy for .CZ. Copy of the GNU General Public License is distibuted along with this program.


An example is worth a thousand words:

>>> import rt
>>> tracker = rt.Rt('http://localhost/rt/REST/1.0/', 'user_login', 'user_pass')
>>> tracker.login()
>>> map(lambda x: x['id'],'helpdesk', Status='open'))
['ticket/1', 'ticket/2', 'ticket/10', 'ticket/15']
>>> tracker.create_ticket(Queue='helpdesk', \
... Subject='Coffee (important)', Text='Help I Ran Out of Coffee!')
>>> tracker.edit_ticket(19, Requestors='')
>>> tracker.reply(19, text='Do you know Starbucks?')
>>> tracker.logout()

Please use docstrings to see how to use different functions. They are written in ReStructuredText. You can also generate HTML documentation by running make html in doc directory (Sphinx required).


This module was developed as a part of Malicious Domain Manager (MDM), but can be used separately and also has its own Redmine project. We will make the best effort to keep the changes synchronized in both projects.

python-rt module
Malicious Domain Manager
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