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s3logs 1.7

Push logs to S3

Get files from directory by mask and push them to S3


pip install s3logs


s3logs config.conf

Where config.conf can use that structure:

access_key = <S3_KEY>
secret_key = <S3_SECRET_KEY>
host = <>
bucket = <bucket_name>
chunk_size = <bytes, default=52428800>


suffix = .gz
key_suffix = .gz
directory = /var/log/nginx/
depth = 30

[map] = example/access = example/error = mysite/access

When it used with that config, script takes all files in directory /var/log/nginx/, filter only those, which ends with .gz and send it to S3, according to map.

For example, /var/log/nginx now consists of:

So, if today is 9 December 2015, and your hostname is node1, on your S3 <bucket_name> would be those keys:


Because we have not explain how maps - it would be skipped.

Script also checks whether file exists in S3 and push only those, which are not.

Parameter depth stops pushing, if filename is older, than .<depth>.gz

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