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s4u.upgrade 1.3

2Style4You upgrade framework

This package implements a very minimal upgrade framework for use in Python applications. Its design consists of three parts:

  1. context providers, which are responsible for setting up the context required for an upgrade step. For example establishing a connection to a SQL server or configuring SQLALchemy.
  2. upgrade steps, which are functions that perform the actual upgrade steps.
  3. a commandline tool to run the upgrade steps and required context providers.

In order to keep the framework minimal there are a few things which are deliberately not supported:

  • No versioning of the environment is done; the tool will always run all all upgrade steps. Each step must support being run multiple times without unexpected results.
  • Downgrades are not supported.
  • Depdendencies between upgrade steps are not supported.

Here is a basic context provider which configures SQLAlchemy:

def setup_sqlalchemy(options):
    engine = create_engine('postgresql:///projectA')
    return {'sql-engine': engine}

Here is an example upgrade step to add missing tables and indices in a project using SQLALchemy:

def add_missing_tables(environment):

And this is how you run the upgrade:

$ bin/upgrade --scan my.package
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
s4u.upgrade-1.3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-12-19 11KB