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sadisplay 0.4.4

SqlAlchemy schema display script


Simple package for describing SQLAlchemy schema and display raw database tables. Relation detecting by ForeignKey columns. Supports mapped class inherit. BSD licensed.

Output formats:


  • python >= 2.5
  • SQLAlchemy >= 0.5


pip install sadisplay

From bitbucket:

pip install
# or


Write simple script in your project environment:

import sadisplay
from yourapp import model

desc = sadisplay.describe(
    [getattr(model, attr) for attr in dir(model)],
open('schema.plantuml', 'w').write(sadisplay.plantuml(desc))
open('', 'w').write(

# Or only part of schema
desc = sadisplay.describe([model.User, model.Group, model.Persmission])
open('auth.plantuml', 'w').write(sadisplay.plantuml(desc))
open('', 'w').write(

Render PlantUML class diagram:

$ java -jar plantuml.jar schema.plantuml

# or for svg format
$ java -jar plantuml.jar -Tsvg schema.plantuml

Render graph by graphviz:

$ dot -Tpng > schema.png

Also you can display you sql database tables by reflecting feature:

$ sadisplay -u <URL connection string to db> -r dot >
$ dot -Tpng > schema.png
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