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sanction 0.4.1

A simple, lightweight OAuth2 client

sanction [sangk-shuhn]: authoritative permission or approval, as for an action.

sanction is a ridiculously easy to use OAuth 2.0 client intended for rapid development against OAuth 2.0 providers with minimal keyboard bashing.

Docs are available at readthedocs: Changes =======

sanction 0.4.1 (1-14-2014)

  • Fixed string formatting for Python 2.6

sanction 0.4 (8-21-2013)

  • Breaking: token_transport parameter of Client.__init__ no longer accepts strings (which was weird to begin with). It only accepts callables. transport_headers and transport_query have been made public (well, the underscore prefix has been removed) in light of this.
  • Breaking: scope is now expected to be formatted how the provider expects it. scope_delim has been removed from auth_uri in order to simplify it. This means that your providers’ scope should be set accordingly: i.e. Facebook may be ‘foo,bar’ while Google would be ‘foo bar’.
  • Breaking: removed redirect_uri from Client.__init__ (didn’t make sense to be there. This has been added to auth_uri and request_token.
  • Deprecation: sanction.client.Client has been deprecated in favor of sanction.Client. The deprecated version will likely be removed within the next couple minor revisions.
  • Feature: Added headers param to request
  • Feature: Added with_patched_client test decorator
  • Brought unit tests up to 100% coverage (yay!)
  • Sphinx-ified the docs, added to RTD
  • Removed Python 3.2 support (causes unit test breakage right now and I don’t really want to spend more time on it ;)). The client code should work fine, it’s just a test that doesn’t pass right now.

sanction 0.3.1 (4-8-2013)

  • Added refresh_token, defaulting to None instead of dynamically adding it to the client instance

sanction 0.3 (2-21-2013)

  • Python 3+ support added
  • Updated request to support a full range of HTTP methods (was previously POST and GET
  • Added support for multiple token transport types: HTTP headers, GET params or custom callable
  • Added exclude param to request_token in order to prevent certain fields from token request
  • Removed query param from request. These should now be added to the base url.

sanction 0.1.4 (9-14-2012)

  • Added support for refresh_token
  • Removed check for endpoint errors in request_token. Client code should deal with that before calling request_token.
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