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scadat 0.2.6

A shell interface to tango open source scada


scadat command Line
scadat -h.

usage: scadat [-h] [-v] [-i | -l | -r READ [READ ...] | -w WRITE [WRITE ...] |
-c CMD [CMD ...]]

Linux command line interface to tango control system

positional arguments:
host_port scadat <host>:<port> (e.g. localhost:10000 or

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose increase output verbosity using -v,-vv
-i, --info Information on tango installation
-l, --ldev List tango devices
scadat -l
scadat -l -vv
-r READ [READ ...], --read READ [READ ...]
Read attributes from a devices: e.g.
scadat -r sys/tg_test/1
scadat -r sys/tg_test/1
scadat -r sys/tg_test/1/string_scalar -v
-w WRITE [WRITE ...], --write WRITE [WRITE ...]
Write to attributes of a device: e.g.
scadat -w sys/tg_test/1
scadat -w sys/tg_test/1/string_scalar 'hello world'
-c CMD [CMD ...], --cmd CMD [CMD ...]
Send command to a device: e.g.
scadat -c sys/tg_test/1 -v
scadat -c sys/tg_test/1/DevLong 1234
scadat -c sys/tg_test/1/State

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Martin Mohan  
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