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scalr 0.3.66

Scalr-tools is a command-line interface to your Scalr account

version 0.3.66

[+] ‘list-servers’ command now returns role alias. Example: # scalr list-servers -n stridercd –columns=ExternalIP,Name,Alias

version 0.3.64

[+] some log messages fixed

[+] farm-create now takes optional parameters like ProjectID, vpc_region and vpc_id

[+] fixed update-farm-role and add-role-to-farm methods

[+] update-farm-role and add-role-to-farm methods now support “chef.ssh_private_key” configuration parameter

version 0.3.59

[+] Added new fields to ‘list-roles’ output: OsFamily OsVersion CreatedAt CreatedBy ID

version 0.3.57

[+] Minor fixes

version 0.3.49 Ossified Ossetian pie

[+] Added support for new API methods:


Example: # scalr create-farm –name pecha-test


Example: # scalr remove-farm –name pecha-test


Example: # scalr add-role-to-farm –farm-name pecha-test -r 16163 -p ec2 -l us-east-1 -a pecha-test5


Example: # scalr remove-farm-role –farm-name pecha-test -r 73172


Example: # scalr update-farm-role -r 73172 -c aws.availability_zone=us-east-1c,aws.instance_type=t1.micro,aws.security_groups.list=~/sglist.json


Example: # scalr list-global-variables -n pecha-test -i 73172


Example: #


Example: # scalr get-server-extended-information -s bd96c424-01c2-4064-9772-a363b9466536

[+] Extended support for updated methods:

FarmGetDetails (“list-farm-roles” command now returns farmrole alias)

version 0.3.47 codename: Opulent Oscypek

[+] Added FireCustomEvent command.

Example: # scalr fire-custom-event -s 71ecf2b5-4358-4a38-a6e9-ca63fb4c2028 -n aptgetinstall -v package_name=nginx,package_name2=memcachedb

version 0.3.46 codename: Stygian Shoti

[+] Added LDAP authentication support.

Run ‘scalr configure-ldap’ to set your login and environment id.

LDAP password can be either passed with -p option, set as environment variable SCALR_API_LDAP_PASSWORD or simply entered in command line on request.

version 0.3.44 codename: Zippy Zapiekanka

[+] New API method: FarmRoleParametersList

[+] New command: get-farm-role-properties

[+] list-servers command output now includes indexes

[+] list-servers command now features –columns option to filter output

[+] FarmTerminate command gained RackSpace support

[+] Bunch of small fixes

version 0.3.33 codename: Outstanding Obwarzanki

[+] New API methods: FarmRoleUpdateParameterValue, ScriptingLogsList

[+] New commands: update-farm-role-parameter, list-scripting-logs, check-updates

[+] Code cleaned

version 0.3.31 codename: Puzzling Puff pastry

[+] Deployments: better output

[+] Exit codes improved

version 0.3.30 codename: Aberrant Achma

[+] Fixed DmDeployApplication

version 0.3.29 codename: Prosperous Pastırma

[+] Introduced exit codes

version 0.3.28 codename: Lavish Lavash

[+] reach debug output

version 0.3.27 codename: Deceiving Dumplings

[+] better error handling

[+] Fixed: execute-script command failed when used without script variables

version 0.3.26 codename: Precious Pierogi

[+] Better URL validation

version 0.3.25 codename: Kooky Khinkali

[+] Added support for open source Scalr installations

version 0.3.24 codename: Magnificent Manti

[+] PrettyTable 0.6 support

[+] Fixed bug in configuration when ‘environment’ parameter is left blank

version 0.3.23 codename: King-sized Khachapuri

[+] handful of fixes

version 0.3.22 codename: Bizarre Belyashi

[+] new format for ‘execute-script’ variables.

Example: scalr execute-script <…> -v k1=v1,k2=v2

[+] Help command fixed

version 0.3.21 codename: Bewildering Baklava

[+] fixed variables in ‘execute-script’ command

version 0.3.20 codename: Scandalous Samsa

[+] minor fixes

[+] fixed description

version 0.3.19 codename: Shocking Shawarma

[+] added list-environments command

[+] added scalr environment id as configuration parameter

[+] added parameter –env-id parameter

[+] fixed: cmd parameters must have priority over parameters in config

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
scalr-0.3.66-py2.6.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.6 2015-05-22 70KB
scalr-0.3.66-py2.7.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.7 2015-05-22 70KB
scalr-0.3.66.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-05-22 28KB