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schoolbell 1.1.1

A standalone or Zope 3 component calendaring server

A calendaring server which can be used as a
standalone server or a Zope 3 component. This server allows for
people and resources to have individual and group calendars.
The calendars are:
* Shareable
* Overlayable
* Access controllable
* Importable and exportable to iCal clients
(e.g. Apple's iCal or Mozilla Sunbird)
* Time zone aware
* Provide resource booking
* Support for Allday events
* Atom feed support for upcoming events

All of this is accessible through a web interface which is simple,
powerful and beautiful.

For developers SchoolBell offers:
* Re-usable calendaring Zope 3 components.
* iCal parser.
* Rigourous functional and unit testing.