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scikit-image 0.10.0

Image processing routines for SciPy

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 0.13.1

Image Processing SciKit

Image processing algorithms for SciPy, including IO, morphology, filtering, warping, color manipulation, object detection, etc.

Please refer to the online documentation at

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
scikit-image-0.10.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-05-28 8MB
scikit_image-0.10.0-cp27-none-macosx_10_6_intel.macosx_10_9_intel.macosx_10_9_x86_64.whl (md5) Python Wheel 2.7 2014-06-02 18MB
scikit_image-0.10.0-cp33-cp33m-macosx_10_6_intel.macosx_10_9_intel.macosx_10_9_x86_64.whl (md5) Python Wheel 3.3 2014-06-13 17MB
scikit_image-0.10.0-cp34-cp34m-macosx_10_6_intel.macosx_10_9_intel.macosx_10_9_x86_64.whl (md5) Python Wheel 3.4 2014-06-13 17MB